[Let's call it "threekly"]

I had a blog here before this one. That's a confession. The short story is that it was a failure. I'd like to change that, and this is the reboot. New look, new approach, and more content. It's not a New Year's Resolution or anything so ridiculous; it's my panic button for a life moving too quickly through the calendars. It wasn't so long ago I was less-than-or-equal-to 25, and while I may label myself an extropian, or even occasionally a Singularitarian, I won't pretend that a selfish fear for the end of my own life isn't at the heart of that belief.

It totally is.

That said, I also won't pretend to believe the old saw about atheists and foxholes. Even in my dark times, I was ready to return to the oblivion from which I emerged. My only real faith is that we live an infinitely-large and ever-expanding universe. I find this idea starkly beautiful. The various theoretical conclusions one could make on that assertion are equally stunning, and a large part of my inspiration as a writer. If scientific progress doesn't make you reel with the possibilities, however distant, you are--to quote a meme--doing it wrong.

But I'm not here to moralize. Self-promotion is much more satisfying. I'll be posting various bits of my works here, be they short stories, flash fiction, poems, novel excerpts, or whatever. Thrice weekly is the plan. I also have a few projects on Twitter that I'm trying to get started (now that I have a mobile phone that doesn't contain asbestos.) I'll create links to those once they get started.

Oh, and to be clear, I'm well-aware that creativity is likely nothing more than a response to unnaturally low levels of latent inhibition, a flaw in the brain. I don't consider myself special, and if the article is to be believed, it may only be a matter of time before I'm either a bundle in the corner or a stain on the wall. As the great bodhisattva Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, "So it goes."


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