[Poem] Staircase Mendicant

Drowning ankles in purchased anthems –
            squinting for bread
            squinting for fear of idleness.

Fingertip allergy persuasions, intensely
            feeling intimidated
            feeling around for the light switch.

Be doctor, mentor, coroner, lung, and still
            trafficking the usual, the ground floor
                                            the grandfather
            trafficking to the layered metaphor for
            sex or priesthood or liniment or
ergonomics or carilloneurs or side gates or
stupid languages or multiples of five or
fingertips again or calluses or callous
Benedictines or Copernicus or the glimmering
reincarnation of Cicero or money pile murders
or some combination of the above.

© 2011 John Dowda via MyOWs.com. All rights reserved, except where noted otherwise.

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