[And this post represents the General Prologue's phallic symbology.]

I had this idea for a crazy blog entry series wherein I describe in detail all the high-falutin' faux-literary connections I see in pop culture, ideas that would automatically be accepted by the more open-minded breed of Liberal Arts professors. I take these generally outlandish and rarely sober threads and weave them into a modest tapestry of analysis and metaphorical insight.

Dude, I'm way too freakin' busy for that. I could probably budget the time for 140 characters or so, though. (#reallyabout)

For some reason the Twitter app on my phone burns through batteries like Gordon Goddang Freeman, and that goes double for my data plan. So WWJ^2D? Sigh loudly and post from his desktop PC. That's right, a PC. So I'll post when I can, but not mid-day most likely..

I've also been writing daily recommendations of Things Both Awesome and Mandatory. Maybe I'll make that public at some point.

So, I've been really busy with important business. I even grew a moustache, 'cause I'm kind of a big deal. But I've also been working on a number of long-form pieces. This tends to make posting shorter stuff pretty difficult. I had a Hamlet- and a Melville-related piece that I teased in some posts a while back. Those both ended up being longer than expected, but maybe I can get something up shortly.

I'm trying my damnedest here on the weekly poems though. Check those guys out. Oh yeah. Oh yeahhhh.

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