[Poems] Cop-Out Haikus for the Miscreant Soul

This post is a bit light - I'll be dropping a short story here in the next day or two to compensate. This post is also a bit late, since a food allergy (or, more precisely, the subsequent antihistamine) rather knocked me on my ass last night.

In the meantime, here's a handful of haiku!

Newton exclaimed, bewildered,
fleeing the cameras.

beheading the double-blessed
on the evening news.

pharaohs, with their hair aflame,
twirling the phone cord.

statues, a few dead birds, and
a rusty oil lamp.

blackings-out eliciting
whoops of infamy.

Yonic symbols kept
pristine as sallow fieldings
emanate the crow.

© 2011 John Dowda via MyOWs.com. All rights reserved, except where noted otherwise.

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