[Mobile Post - Confession #2]

If it takes a good writer to know when to give up on a bad idea, I must then be a phenomenal writer, because the idea put forth in my last post was quite bad. As I began constructing a patterned synonym web, searching for the first syntina candidate (or cantina,) I realized that writing the piece would likely involve maths of one sort or another. I do not begrudge myself a little pagan number manipulation done by moonlight, but at the same time, these cantinae would clearly be a burden beyond any comprehension or even caring.

Further, I am finding it difficult to apologize for tardiness in the delivery of promised writings when the sole reason I've been late is that I've been busy writing (the raison d'ĂȘtre of this steam-powered piece of internettery.)

I will, however, apologize for the overuse of passive voice a moment ago. Good sirs and/or madams (madama?), I beseech you: my bad.

Moving along - the state of operations. I began what looks to be an uncouthly lengthy serial haiku. I'm also working on two short stories and--and this is the most time-consuming bit--organizing my writing wiki. Once that last is complete, I'm confident I'll be able to more precisely keep tabs on my accomplishments. That means percentages, and percentages mean graphs! I can't wait.

In other news, I'll post some fiction here tonight or tomorrow. Dunno what yet. Forsooth.

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