[Poem] Trodden Fragrant Prophecies

Disheveled Lancelots firing barley-holsters
          in the Claire de Lune night sky

Bossa nova guarantees mimic only the
          finest in neo-post-post-deca-nil

Grainy subway pictures of various unpotentiated saviors
          of discrete unhappened alternata

Endangered migratory neuroses have self-
          altered into religious substrata

Basalt gangsters & the case of the temperate
          vegetation theogony

Purgatory for birds, exoskeletal wrathful mom,
          deliberately shiny fish

Exonerated lovers--aghast or otherwise--
          their lambful deco monorails
          accelerate like preachers

© 2011 John Dowda via MyOWs.com. All rights reserved, except where noted otherwise.

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