[Time Travel Post #2 - Egads!]

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on February 22, 2011, and sent into the future (now the present) through FutureMe.org

The reasoning behind the strange numbering will become evident eventually.

I recently found out the FutureMe.org service has a 30-day minimum for shooting messages forward into the future. That's why I'm sending this message to an earlier version of the last audience. So long as we still speak English for the foreseeable future, that means this communique is backwards-compatible.

What better way to discuss my having missed a blog-deadline than to send the apology even further forward into the future? At the time this message was first drafted (that is, February 22nd of 2011,) I was knee-deep in ideas. I was putting in more hours than usual, but they were not going towards smaller, more easily-reproducible pieces of fiction. They were going towards books. Good news, but less regular posting as a result. Also, I was just reading up on hypertext fiction. I hope that I've posted some of that here, by the time this blog-entry-from-the-past arrives. Though several of my ideas require not HTML but SWF. I'll have to learn that next, I suppose. Along with my amateur notions of ASL and Esperanto. I wish I could get back to those. Maybe I will someday. Most excellent.

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